Workshop 2

Energy Generation and Build up - Impact zone

The workshop "Energy and power output in the hitting phase", deals with the function of inertia, and reflexes of the muscular-skeletal apparatus in golf motions. You are given an indepth look at biomechanical backgrounds in golf, taught the ability to consciously feel the inertia of the club face, and sense the role of involved body parts. Using these basic functions, targeted coaching, drills and practice routines are elaborated on, all targeted at developing a consciousness and feeling for them, and eventually resulting in easier ways for more power transfer in the golf movement.

High-speed video analysis of your golf motion
Biomechanical Bases
Training perception of inertia
Training perception of reflections
Coaches:   Christian Neumaier
Upon request
PGA professionals, 3-4 people
Workshop fee:   € 340,- p.P.
Workshop Location:  
Golfclub Beuerberg
Gut Sterz
82547 Beuerberg
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