Workshop 5

Coupling/Synchronizing of partial body movements

The workshop "coupling of partial body movements" raises your awareness of individual body parts, their corresponding role, and respective movements within the golf motion. It teaches how to feel and perceive their timing better, and consequently to utilize as much potential as possible, out of every body part and its movements. Studying chronological sequences, and practicing selected drills with different combinations will raise perceived awareness and sensitivity for the coupling/synchronizing of partial body movements. This workshop is based on the principle of "learning by doing" and you will be guided through numerous experimentations, making your game more versatile, adding new helpful features, and providing you with the ability to fine tune your golf motion optimally. 

High-speed video analysis of your golf motion
Biomechanical basics and fundamentals
Training of the individual body parts and their respective movements
Training of different time sequences of the partial body movements
Training of various combinations of the partial body movements
Coaches:   Christian Neumaier 
Upon request
PGA professionals, 3-4 people
Workshop fee:   € 340,- p.P.
Workshop Location:  
Golfclub Beuerberg
Gut Sterz
82547 Beuerberg
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