His passion is sport. Raised in a family of physician and athletes, Christian`s love for sports and physical activity started in the cradle. This he has lived out intensively from early on in various sports, all of which he excelled at, before eventually discovering "his sport" - golf -  as a young teenager. Operating at the highest level as an amateur player, he has consequently been drawn to the science of golf movements, and remains so up to this date, by embarking on ever more fascinating paths in the field.

His 25-year-long search for better ways on how to play and teach golf successfully sets him apart from any other professional. Through his expertise and thorough understanding of biomechanics and functional anatomy of the human body in golf, Christian points to many new and innovative ways to understand complex movements, to feel them consciously, and optimize them accordingly. His numerous cross-sport experiences and elaborate research studies suggest for the necessary functions in golf to become more transparent, and give you the opportunity to develop the most essential basic skills necessary for successful golf.

He is one of a handfull golf instructors in the country, who actively works with Tour players, and by far one of the most competent in his field internationally. Yet, Christian not only works on the game of the world´s top players, he also sustains his support for golfers of any skill level who are seeking improvement and consistency in their game.

Be it in the direct care and improvement of your game or simply to better understand the elementary functional background of golf, the main driver will always be the exchange of really helpful information!

Tour Player David Frost about Christian: Christian Neumaier
David Frost, Christian Neumaier"Christian Neumaier's coaching lessons and approach to the game of golf is something I have been completely blown away by. I first visited him in May 2007. What he explained to me was a bit, no not a bit but quite revolutionary when it comes comparing to what others teach in golf. You must understand that I have had lessons from David Leadbetter, Hank Haney, Butch Harmon and many others. This is a completely different language we are talking about here. I am so sorry that I did not meet him in a previous life. 
But yet I am extremely thankful I met him at all. He is without a doubt the single best golf source I have ever come across. In a nutshell how would I explain his teaching since I say it is revolutionary. He makes the swing athletic by comparing the swing and hit to other hitting and batting sports, but the secret is in the grip.

I would encourage you to pay him a visit. If he can work on my game, he can work on yours.
Sincerely David Frost"
Tour Player Terry Pilkadaris about Christian:  Christian Neumaier
Christian Neumaier, Terry Pilkadaris
"After talking with David Frost whilst playing on the European Tour in 2008, he suggested I see a golf coach in Germany he knew. David said he had never during his golfing career met a person that had so much knowledge about how a golf swing should work, until he met Christian. Upon meeting Christian, his unrelenting enthusiasm was obvious for all to see. He displayed a passion for the cause and effect relationship between the body and the golf swing that was second to none. He didn’t just want to teach golfers, but educate them. 
He gave me clear understanding on what I needed to work on in my game and provided me with a very simple solution to maintaining it. If you ever have the chance to visit Christian at GC Beuerberg you will not only expose yourself to one of the best coaches in Europe, but also marvel at the amazing views with which he calls his ‘office’.

Sincerely Terry Pilkadaris"